pop-indie artist

1 Everybody else
2 Head Down
3 Paradise
4 Call me by your name
P a s t e k & D u k e s

NLH Records explores the international & Italian music scene, steeped in originality and introspection. It’s a label that promotes creativity, innovation, and high quality music.

Our production spans Pop, Electronic, Ambient, and Experimental methods, while embracing the long-established American folk style
. We are visual listeners following an unparalleled path within our genre, with music that delves into the uniqueness of the smallest and most nuanced sounds.

As a newly born record label, our aim is to bring selected artists curated by our artistic division to the market by providing them with management, video making, marketing, and music distribution services on both streaming and non-streaming platforms, in the form of investment.

O u r P o d c a s t
N L H O p e n i n g
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